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Nov 22, 2017
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Nov 22, 2017
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Nov 22, 2017
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Nov 22, 2017
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Nov 22, 2017
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Christmas is coming! what do you want this year? 

100 deviants said A dragon, for sure.
70 deviants said Something eletronic (laptop, pc, tablet, cellphone etc)
48 deviants said Art supplies
27 deviants said Digital games
24 deviants said Clothes
13 deviants said A pet?
11 deviants said Toys



T-Rex Sprite by e-pona

FO Gifts by Enjoumou FO Collabs by Enjoumou FO Trades by Enjoumou No Requests by Enjoumou


4K Raffle :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock
YCH Slots & auctions :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock
Chibi Commissions Slots :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock
Personal artwork (ocs <3) :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock
Stream commissions :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock
Limited color palette commission :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock
Male/female anatomy tutorial :DarkRed-orb: by kayosa-stock



Skull Emote by Gasara What software/ tablet do you use?
Photoshop and Cintiq 13HD.

Skull Emote by Gasara Where do you come from?
I'm from Brazil. It's pretty normal people here talk in english all the time and even brazilian fellas do it here, I think they don't know that I came from there. (Especially on instagram xD)

Skull Emote by GasaraOMG your illustrations seems like my oc X, may I use your work?
No. No matter what I don't want you to use my art in your favor, if you want a piece you have to buy it or win at a raffle/ kiriban. I don't admit reuploads, retrace, commercial use without my permission, period.

Skull Emote by GasaraDo you do Trades, Collabs, Gifts or even requests?
No. This kind of thing I usually do only with closest friends since it takes time and nowadays I really need to spend it making money, unfortunately. The last time I did a trade was here in dA to promote a 2K watcher's celebration but I dont think I will do it again.

Skull Emote by GasaraDo you ever feel un-confident about your art? How do you keep yourself doin' the stuff you do if you feel down about it?
I used to feel like this when I was younger, like: I usually pass weeks avoiding papers and digital art thinking that what I produced was a sh*t, anxiety overflowing and panic attacks. But now when these types of ghosts return I remember that my costumers put their trust on my work, people who can't buy my art still supports me the way they can and above all, my family believed in me to make a living with art. So I think all of these things helped me to go on with it and at the same time to improve (artistic and mentally speaking). When I don't think about this I repeat to myself: I need time for everything, even to take a deep breath or grab a good snack." so to continue my work and forget these problems, time, effort and care makes this journey better.
If you're in trouble with your art think this way: Never stop, never give up.

Skull Emote by Gasara Do you think about making tutorials?
Yes, I do. I was wondering to make one but we'll see c: I can't promess anything since my time is pretty short at the moment with finals and stuff... maybe when I finish my curse at university c:

Skull Emote by GasaraWhen it comes to your art, who are your biggest inspirations?
Laurel D. Austen, Mr. Jackart, Xafeelgood, CreatureXIII, Hamletmachine, Cloverteapod, Nercali, Orsob... There are so many xD

Skull Emote by GasaraWhat means "giums"?
Giums is short type of my name c: I choose this nickname because I hate my entire name, it's too long and people never say it correctly so never call me by my name. Giu or Giums it's fine c:


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Arborath Featured By Owner 3 hours ago  Professional General Artist
BAH! I always miss your commission openings!
One day I shall catch them!
giums Featured By Owner 3 hours ago
oh noes ;3;
There will be an opening 12/01 o/ 
HorizonAllure Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Artist
oml i adore your art ><
giums Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Oh, thank you so much <3
Scowliiish Featured By Owner 6 days ago
why in the name of all things holy was i not watching you huffs
giums Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Its never too late haha <3 glad you watched me!
Astralseed Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2017  Professional General Artist
I could have sworn I was already watching you.
giums Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2017
Oh, no problem, it happens x3
LAN0RA Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2017   General Artist
:blush: Oh my gosh-- Thank you much for the for the fave!!! :heart:
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